Meeting, Apple, and Determination

Watched this Dutch film with Q. He was more into it at the beginning, because of the image of the apple tree. I tolerated it because I liked Mads Mikkelsen. So the watch went on. IT was bizarre, in a good way. Reminded me of In Bruges. Good movies, as Q hinted, leave you wonder, confuse you, bug you, yet images are always beautiful, calm, and metaphorical. It doesn’t satiate you (I was watching “Death in Paradise” one episode a day–it’s a kind of entertainment that entertains (bores if you are not in a good mood).

我今天来到工地做些琐事,遇见旧同事,谈话就像以前一样- 令人厌倦,知道已被归类,说的越多越无益。 I Think:

  • A good linguist analyzes language everyday. The analysis could start with a question: Why does this question marker only occur in this context? Or Does it? The analysis could start with a problem: How do I represent Chinese accent in my transcription? When do I do it? Why?
  • A good linguist learns a new language everyday. Although we all know a linguist is not necessarily a polyglot, knowing (about) many languages, and knowing some to communicative capacity, creates a different sensibility and intuitition.
  • A good linguist experiments with new methods and new tools for they may better answer questions.
  • A good linguist is a good communicator–think Churchill, Reagan, Mao, Feynman.
  • A good linguist asks the right questions. Put arrays of facts in the right order and frame.
  • What have you done that’s so great? What are you working on?

Cutie and the Boxer

和Q一起看了这个电影。从开始惊叹二人皮肤好,不显老,家里乱,艺术黑,到后来安静起来,世俗的东西沉淀下去,看到时间的魔力。自由的灵魂自有它相吸相杀的逻辑。一盆土长出的双生花,自然一边是共同绽放,一边是竞争窒息不甘。而最后他们是超出的。在贫穷酗酒环境长大的他们的孩子,镜头下小时候,木木呐呐躲躲闪闪,大了的时候沉默无言,以为是个烂苹果的故事。可是,儿子成就的是自己的绘画感觉,画风里有父亲的grotesque 和妈妈的理性,成魔而有序。非常有意思。 特别喜欢电影的角度,在欢快的曲调里三四十年的困苦带过,看到生而为人的意义。

“But to them the dependency is what makes it work. You know Ushio in one of I think one of the most beautiful things he said about their relationship is that fundamentally what they really enjoy in life is art. And whether that’s making art, or viewing it, they share that experience and they can talk about that experience. And when they go to museums and look at something that they both appreciate there’s love in that mutual appreciation. Some of the greatest experiences you have in life you share with other people. And if you are not with someone that can share, can reach that experience or level of experience that you are and that moment isn’t as powerful as a result.“ (PBS interview with film director)