What have I learned through practice that I didn’t intuitively do as a social being?

It’s not about “you”: reach students where they are, take them to where they can reach, not using myself as a yardstick. Be other-oriented. In practice, this means, for me, to simply, streamline, create regularity, recurrence of opportunities to learn and encounter the same, create linkage. The most challenging part for me is format: Kahoot becomes very effective is 100-level for declarative knowledge and instant feedback. Workshop trains skills at graduate level.

Assessment is for Learning (not gate-keeping) 

Fun goes a long way. 

Individualized learning takes planning

High-frequency Minor Mixer workshop Techniques

  1. Theme: “The 500 Challenge!”  w/baking.
  2. 50 characters per week. Two-pages handout. 5 or 10 notecards per person, to write down, from top to bottom, 10 characters they recognize. Practice reading aloud, dissecting components, making up phrases. Check online dictionary and pleco.
  3. Bartering the 10 cards. Take words you don’t know, swap them. Repeat.
  4. Game: Put all the cards in the center, face down. randomly draw five, give out those you don’t recognize; take cards you recognize. You have to either give up one or pick up one, or say “fake!” to have the previous person demonstrate their knowledge. Persons with the most cards win.