Wish List

  1. a “songs in real life” version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkzV2MG2wo0 

小苹果,祝你平安,北京欢迎你,茉莉花,fresh off the boat; karate kid; ali wong; 酒干倘卖无;电影台词

  1. 2. 白塔寺再生计划 Baitasi Remade,以历史胡同街区为背景,结合公众参与、建筑及基础设施升级改造等形式,用一种温和的发展方式将设计思维和文创理念融入老北京的院落。

This summer (2019):June 1-Aug 1

  1. finish LofM ms. proud of its content.
  2. be ready for TPR next year
  3. finish 3 papers and out (geoID, spiel and deceit, listening practice)
  4. Perfect lesson modules.
  5. Start preparing these:
    1. Q-A and categorization analysis (the notorious debate)
    2. CBI-exploration (culture).
    3. multimodal materials design: theory, practice and modeling
    4. corpus: proficiency landmarks
    5. side project: c for fceo; c for cp; mega c book
    6. NSF: Q-A +knowledge system+evolution.