Study Abroad Method

Pre-departure orientation

1) fears and expectations. In sealed envelope, to reveal in last day, in country, as debriefing. to help understand growth.

teacher shares fears and expectations, but in public.–behavioral expectation.

2) much reading and discussion should be done before departure, to frame anticipation, to leave time on sight, to understand and grow.


At site visits

  1. treasure hunt at market: write characters, students to find it, in an envelope, bring it back in 3 hours, have someone translate it, what it i used for, buy it within budget, and bring it back. Tell stories about it. Debrief (language learning, cultural informant, forced to engage); to return to restaurant (to give name of restaurant and direction in Chinese).
  2. everyday to create a list of things we’ve done–the list gets longer each day; at the end, make it into a shawl, t-shirt, or a fan.