Dave Barry “You can date boys when you’re forty”, the chapter on “Seeking Wi-fi in the holy land”, Day2, he describes how he was awkward at bargain at a bazaar. Bargain was featured in tips for tourists (half price slash). The ideology of bargain conflicts with his WASP upbringing and persona; the sandals turned out to be poor quality; the price turned out to be just for one shoe. Of course he relayed all of this in jest and wink. I think people (western, but also native residents) take badly about bargain–it’s a morally corrupt behavior (framing vendor as greedy, marking up price, framing buyer as cheap and egotistical–but why is it so? why has it been viewed so, but still exists?

  • We see strategies for bargain (moral behind all—but is market a moral place? What’s morality in transacting?)
  • We see gaming type of bargain only occurs in tourist spot, with non returning customers, one time deal.
  • we see true type of bargain–where there is no moral judgment; how does it happen?
  • What is the incongruity between wasp and bargain?
  • How to not bargain?
  • Is bargain ever desirable?
  • Is bargain a transaction cost?