Anvil didn’t use to sing

At the Historical Fair, New Berlin, WI, the blacksmith quizzed his audience about the functions of the “ding ding” sound coming off from the anvil as the hammer hits on iron.

Nobody gets the right answer. Interesting. It’s—-advertising!!

You’d need to pay extra for the type of anvil that makes loud, crisp ding ding sound. Anvils used to sound just dull. Someone then invented a type of material for anvils that can create the ding ding sound. And it sold like hot cake. The dull-sounding anvils went out of business.

Now we are stuck with the anvil that is very loud and deafening. It’s a primitive form of advertising. Blacksmiths needed to be known they are open for business. People seek them out by their sound. Is this the same as 弹棉花?货郎的拨浪鼓obviously is advertising