Meeting, Apple, and Determination

Watched this Dutch film with Q. He was more into it at the beginning, because of the image of the apple tree. I tolerated it because I liked Mads Mikkelsen. So the watch went on. IT was bizarre, in a good way. Reminded me of In Bruges. Good movies, as Q hinted, leave you wonder, confuse you, bug you, yet images are always beautiful, calm, and metaphorical. It doesn’t satiate you (I was watching “Death in Paradise” one episode a day–it’s a kind of entertainment that entertains (bores if you are not in a good mood).

我今天来到工地做些琐事,遇见旧同事,谈话就像以前一样- 令人厌倦,知道已被归类,说的越多越无益。 I Think:

  • A good linguist analyzes language everyday. The analysis could start with a question: Why does this question marker only occur in this context? Or Does it? The analysis could start with a problem: How do I represent Chinese accent in my transcription? When do I do it? Why?
  • A good linguist learns a new language everyday. Although we all know a linguist is not necessarily a polyglot, knowing (about) many languages, and knowing some to communicative capacity, creates a different sensibility and intuitition.
  • A good linguist experiments with new methods and new tools for they may better answer questions.
  • A good linguist is a good communicator–think Churchill, Reagan, Mao, Feynman.
  • A good linguist asks the right questions. Put arrays of facts in the right order and frame.
  • What have you done that’s so great? What are you working on?