I, myself and me–reflexive bit

A scene from Notting Hill:

Julie Roberts: It’s probably best not to tell anyone about this.
Hugh Grant: Right. Right. No one. I mean I’ll tell myself sometimes, but don’t worry, I won’t believe it.

Linguistic undertone: G. Lakoff’s article on the English reflexive

Translating Trump

NPR (May 24) has a feature on translating Trump; http://www.npr.org/2017/05/24/528809043/why-interpreters-have-a-hard-time-translating-trump

Americanism; two things of interest:

  • 1) synonyms, bland contents-“show boats”
  • 2) colloquialism

But most interesting is the comment that no other presidents sound like him. Political language is all the same, easy to translate–but why?


Dave Barry “You can date boys when you’re forty”, the chapter on “Seeking Wi-fi in the holy land”, Day2, he describes how he was awkward at bargain at a bazaar. Bargain was featured in tips for tourists (half price slash). The ideology of bargain conflicts with his WASP upbringing and persona; the sandals turned out to be poor quality; the price turned out to be just for one shoe. Of course he relayed all of this in jest and wink. I think people (western, but also native residents) take badly about bargain–it’s a morally corrupt behavior (framing vendor as greedy, marking up price, framing buyer as cheap and egotistical–but why is it so? why has it been viewed so, but still exists?

  • We see strategies for bargain (moral behind all—but is market a moral place? What’s morality in transacting?)
  • We see gaming type of bargain only occurs in tourist spot, with non returning customers, one time deal.
  • we see true type of bargain–where there is no moral judgment; how does it happen?
  • What is the incongruity between wasp and bargain?
  • How to not bargain?
  • Is bargain ever desirable?
  • Is bargain a transaction cost?

LA to SF Road Trip


1号公路, 紧靠海边









Highway 1, close to the seaside
Highway 99, through farmland

Los Angeles spreads out all the way
in harmony with San Francisco but different

Between 108 degrees Fahrenheit and 58 degrees Fahrenheit
There is Fresno

Come to the mountains to play drums
Come to the mountains to see the trees

Your favorite book is
not my favorite book

My favorite music is
not your favorite music