这个夏天-May 17, 18, 19

I ended up writing three days in one post–busy, good, frustrated.

May 17 which was a Wednesday, went to Q to  U of C. Worked on STalk tutorial. Getting shaped up well. Anything that you personally like, even if it is a meaningless thing, takes time. This was BK’s day for Mr. M. This cut the day short–we met at 1:30 and got to BK’s place at 3:00, picked up Cstine and BK, got McD., and rode all the way to Ham. U. It was a windy summery day. Roads reflected lights, bright and shining, as if we were on a road trip, as none were real.

May 18 was a Thurs. I got the bulk of STalk finally done, 21 pages each, 4 of them. Finished them off till 1:30AM midnight-but worth it. I liked the results. If you have to calculate everything’s worth by the hours and its pay, this is below minimum wage, but I enjoyed it. What a long ride from home to work from work to school from school to chess and home again. Because BK had his 4th chess game at south side, in a hotel that only had a bar but no restaurant, we ate at a 1 mile restaurant mexican grill spot. It was under a highway structure, patio covered with red roof–lights pouring through tinting our faces. We order fish called william which was a terrible talapia wrap; chips and corn salsa, steak fajita, chicken quesadilla, lime pie—greasy and suspicious. stayed in hotel till bk finished chess. so pround he won. Got home very late. Bk tired by excited. They slept and I worked on STalk till 1:30Am–all sent out and fine.

May 19. Friday. Queasy in the stomach. Made french toast. wrote to language support center, did all sorts of miscl. items. lesson of the day: do what you like, stay away from people who drain your energy. live your own life.


Breakfast is cheese quesadilla, egg; made corn bread, but didn’t get to give them to my cuties.

Started working at 7:30; the grammar on conjunctions; a monster outline.

12:20–five hours on this grammar chapter??? I can’t believe this! time for a run. Still missing three major sections. To cover everything in grammar based on references is tedious work. Realized how important it is to go back to initial research on particles–particles is where the stories are. And there will be snowballing effect. But, on the back of my mind, this is the nagging question: So what? I know it is going to get recognition, but it is the kind of research lay people say ‘huh?” There’s got to be a bigger picture. I am not leaving the idea, but will return to it when I am wiser.

5:00 check in again; ran for 2 miles; got tired for no reason; too hot and too much sun. Got wine and dinner prep at whole foods; walked home with four movies; didn’t get “veep” which was what I really wanted–something funny sharp and levit to take stress off work, but hey. no. Finished the rest of the master of none episodes. season 2 is great–but this bizarre scene of kissing through window pane–with this postmodernist angle, I wouldn’t expect this type of total recycled cliche cheesiness.

so here I am, back again to workbench. checking in. –Working on training module. got one module almost done.

8:15 cuties are back; dinner time; clam chowder; bought tiramisu. signing off.



8-10:30 jog to evanston; listened to Dave Barry’s audio book about bad songs (funny at times but cantankerous for my taste–those songs are not part of my upbringing thus little connection parring language jokes; loved the punctuating sound effects); wanted to get Marshlands at  Library; library wasn’t open till 10; realized too that the film is only at the north branch; disappointing at that point; but ran 45 min, nearly 6 km. Best so far. walked home. lake was shimmering with light; my favorite Chinese house was surrounded by blooming trees (丁香,杜鹃,金银花);a few buildings smelled of da-ma, on east side north rogers. p. Thank God we didn’t get that 100K apartment. Bought peppers and pasta for dinner. that whole foods near the evanston train station has closed shop.

10:30-11:00 left over rice w/fish with pepper salsa. watched  澪之料理帖, ep.1;

11:00-12:40 wrote emails; graded 10 placement tests.

12:40-1:00 tea and finished 澪之料理帖; steam egg custard looks good; 女主的演技好,不谙世事朴实害羞执拗的样子。

1:00-3:30 grammar book chapter outline (this is way too much!!

3:30-4:30: cook dinner (lemon shrimp spinach pasta; pimientos de Padron; cucumber salad)

4:30 my loves came home and I took off cooking, eating, watching “master of none”.

Signing in now, at 7:50. time to do a bit of more work–will finish this grammar chapter. Hope to get a bit of PPT done too. Tomorrow should be a whole day working on my own stuff!!!

Dinner was good-roast peppers were tasty, pasta was delicious.

Master of None–Season 2–better than I thought, even better than season 1. like Sex and the City, man-version. Thought of my reactions at the Glas meeting–I wasn’t part of this culture, and this was not my land. But the feeling of young, confused, trying, hopeful, looking for connection, ever so familiar, a bygone time.

What it means to walk away from an interview